Roxicodone Withdrawal

ROXICODONE: Is a power narcotic analgesic that proves to have many side effects. Some very unpleasant and some even serious depending on a person’s body chemistry and size.

Roxicodone is a brand name for oxycodone a form of opioid. Used to treat pain ranging from moderate to severe and can be highly addictive physically and psychologically.

When used with alcohol Roxicodone can cause serious complications such as the ability to slow your thinking and reaction time down can cause disoriented thinking blurred vision causes your breathing and pulse rate to go down depleting the body of needed oxygen.

If taken with other drugs and or medications Roxicodone could cause allergic reactions if that should happen you should contact your doctor right away.

If taking abusively the result could be ultimately an overdose and possibly death.


Some of The effects are:





Cold flashes

Involuntary muscle movement

Bone pain