Methadone Withdrawal

METHADONE: Is a narcotic it’s of the opiate family the side effects vary from person to person depending on length of use, the amount used and a person’s chemistry.

It is used to manage pain and to lessen some of the effects of detox of some drugs and

Because it is an opiate usually demands a secondary detox.

Because of its long lasting presents in it host [the half life] it can take a longer period of time to detox from.

Using methadone incorrectly or recreationally can increase the chances of overdose and/or death.

If an allergic reaction takes place contact a doctor immediately this could be more then it appears to be.

Methadone can lead to dependency and addiction for fear of the withdrawals and should be supervised throughout this tough time by a supervised medical detox facility.


Some of the effects are:

Impaired thinking

Allergic reactions


Slowed pulse rate

Slow breathing



Loss of appetite

Decreased sex drive