Crystal Methamphetamine Detox

METHAMPHETAMINE: Also know as meth for short, glass, speed, crystal, and ice.

It was introduced to be prescribed for obesity and clients with ADHD in a pill form called desoxyn.

It was later found to be simulated using easily obtain chemicals which now are being monitored or illegal by federal law.

But it is still very easy to obtain it is cheaper then cocaine and lasts a lot longer.

Methamphetamine can be ingested in several ways it can be smoked, snorted, injected, swallowed.

Methamphetamine gives a false belief of accomplishment when used in excessiveness and used for long periods of times people have been known to stay awake for days until they become so delirious they can’t take it any longer Then they will tend to sleep for days trying to recuperate for it is very draining.

Methamphetamine increases alertness, concentration, energy, self esteem and libido when used in high doses will create euphoria.

Which makes this drug a very high potential for abuse and addiction by activating the psychological reward system in the brain by triggering a cascading release of dopamine.

As a result chronic abuse occurs research has found that addicts experience psychosis and schizophrenia in addition to psychological harm and confusion and physical harm such as picking on themselves creating infectious sores and wounds also creating cardiovascular damage and actions lead to crime, lying, stealing, cheating, and self imprisonment.


Some effects are:


Sudden sores

Physical damage


Risk of sexual disease

Risk of hepatitis



Mood swings