Buprenex Detox

BUPRENEX: Is an injectable narcotic opioid and is a controlled substance.

Buprenex comes in a form of a white powder which is to be mixed with water to bring it to its inject able form.

It is primarily used for moderate to severe pain in designated areas of the body by being injected into that area of the body where the pain is at unlike a pill that would effect the whole body by blocking the receptors in the brain.

The way it works is like most opioids it blocks the mu-receptors which are located all through to body to feeling any pain in the areas targeted.

It can be very habit forming and abused because of its ability to target just certain areas of the body in such people who have repeated injury and/or as in sports, cyclist, weight lifting, runners,etc.

So it can be addictively convenient and could be very dangerous it can slow breathing down so slow that it can cause unsuspected death reported by many doctors.

If you are using Buprenex and having allergic reactions, rashes, swelling of glands, or fainting contact your doctor immediately.

If you are pregnant or on any other medications consult with your doctor.

Some effects are:

Mood swings

Feeling uneasy

Lack of oxygen






Blurred vision